Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Next Hair Appointment

By Louann Engelmeier

Going to a hair appointment can create as much anxiety –or more—than going to a dentist. Even those who have established a trusted relationship with their stylist know what we envision looking like after our appointment can be very different from what we look like when we leave our appointment. Taking the time to prepare before the appointment is the first step towards getting the best results possible. 

Look for pictures of the hairstyle—both cut and color—that you want. Having more than one option and keeping an open mind is helpful. Often, we find a picture and are “sure” this is what we want only to later realize we only like how the person in the picture looked—not the cut or the color of the hair. Or maybe we liked different aspects of the style shown in the picture—the bangs, the length, the subtle highlights—but not really the entirety of the hairstyle shown.

Not all hairstyles are suited for all hair types. A talented, well-trained hair stylist should be able to provide you with the feedback needed to let you know if the hairstyle you want will work with your hair type. If you are seeing a new hairstylist—ask for a consultation before your service—this will allow the time for a conversation before your service and will still allow the time needed to complete the services needed. If you have a regular hair stylist and want to make changes in your current style or color, a consultation should also be done.

It is important to let the stylist know your budget. The satisfaction of getting the perfect hairstyle and color can quickly turn into alarm when we are told the total amount owed at the end of the service. During the consultation the stylist should be able to let you know the cost of the services you will be getting. If the amount quoted is going to be more than budgeted the stylist should be able to provide options and set up a schedule for future appointments that will provide the desired results over time in a budget that is affordable.

Pay attention to the questions a stylist asks during your consultation—do they ask how much time you want to spend on your hair each day, are they running their hands through your hair feeling for movement patterns in your hair, have they asked if you hair has had recent color services –either done in a salon or at home? Not telling them will have a direct impact on the results they are able to achieve. Are they listening to what you want and able to communicate their understanding of what you want and what is possible back to you?

hair appointment

A multi-dimensional blonde look is achievable, but a consultation is highly recommended beforehand. Photo and hair by Erika W.M. Hamblin

hair appointment

Sunflower colored hair can be created with a planning session with your stylist.  Photo and hair by Katie Hoffman

Once the consultation is complete with both you and the stylist having reached an understanding on what services will be done along with the expected results and fees—it is time to sit back, relax and trust the process. As the services are nearing the end, pay attention to how the stylist is finishing your hair. Your stylist should be able to walk you through this process along with the product being used so you are able to recreate the style at home. Don’t hesitate to ask how to use the blow dryer, brushes, or products to get the style you want. It can be frustrating to leave the salon looking like a million bucks then get home and not be able to get close to the same look on your own or not know how to use the products you have just invested in.

The same process holds true for spa services. If you are getting a facial—your aesthetician should be having a conversation about your expectations from the appointment and your goals for your skin. A skin analysis followed by a discussion of the treatments that are available to you should be provided.  Facials are rarely a “one and done” process if the goal is for overall improvement in skin tone and texture.  Healthy “good” skin comes from diet, exercise, and a consistent routine both at home and with regularly scheduled, customized facials. Goals should be discussed, and improvement should be tracked through regular photo comparisons.

Healthy, glowing skin is not an accident—it is the result of a commitment to the time it takes for self-care and educating yourself on the right products and treatments that work for you. Many of us spend time “wishing” our skin looked better or purchasing products we either don’t know how to use properly or simply don’t use once we bring the product home.

The team at Zeta Hair & Day Spa provides all clients with a memorable experience each time they enter the salon. Their commitment to establishing a trusted relationship by having one on one conversations with each client prior to their services, educating their clients on options available for best results. The concern for their client does not end when you leave the salon—it extends to the client’s self-care at home by educating the client on how to achieve the same results at home by providing superior proven products from Kuene Hair Care, Osmosis MD Skincare, and ProCell.

We invite you to come by and allow our team to provide you with the individual customized care and experience you have been looking for.

hair appointment

LEFT – Beautiful red hair is one of the most sought after colors, however it is important to discuss what products you will need to keep the red vibrant. Photo and hair color by Sarah Cole

RIGHT – Multi-dimensional red hair is a stunning look. Be sure to consult with your stylist on upkeep, including how often you will need touch ups and what products will help the color last. Photo and hair by Lori DeBie

hair appointment

Louann Engelmeier is an aesthetician at Zeta Hair Salon and Day Spa located in Green Valley off of Duval Mine Road. Call 520.399.3400 to schedule your free consultation with any of the stylists or aestheticians.