Healthy Skin Looks Good On You

By Louann Engelmeier

Walking through the skin care department of any store can quickly become overwhelming. Cleanser and toner, exfoliants and masks, serums, and moisturizer—Oh My!! Some of us shake our heads and leave thinking “I will just stick with the soap and lotion I have.” Then there are those of us who will grab whatever promises to make us look younger and radiant, but we don’t really understand what the products will do for us. Both scenarios can leave us frustrated and result in no changes to the health of our skin.

Just like with the rest of our body—our skin needs to be healthy from within—plenty of hydration and a well-balanced diet are essential; however, our skin is our largest organ and the protective covering for our entire body. It is also the most exposed to daily damage. Beyond drinking enough water, eating well, getting rest, and limiting the exposure to the damaging rays of the sun there are other simple steps we can take by using the correct products – without making unnecessary purchases or getting expensive treatments.

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Caring for our skin is rarely a one size fits all solution, but the process can be made easier by learning what your skin type is and if you have any skin conditions that need to be addressed. A little like knowing what size you are and what season it is before you go clothes shopping.


Skin type and skin condition are two different things. 

Skin type is predetermined by your genetics and falls into 4 categories—normal, dry, oily, and combination (both oily and dry). Sensitive skin has also been referred to as a skin type but is likely a skin condition. The condition of your skin is influenced by both internal factors (stress, hormones, illness, etc.) and external factors (climate, environment, diet, skin routine, etc.). Skin conditions can include acne, eczema, dehydration, pigmentation, and aging. 


Knowing your skin type and any condition you may have will help you determine what products will be most effective in your skin care routine—which can be as simple as finding the right cleanser, moisturizer and SPF if you want as little fuss as possible or adding an effective toner, exfoliant or serum if you want a little more advanced routine to treat specific conditions. 


If you would like assistance determining your skin type and to see if you have a skin condition, Zeta Hair Salon and Day Spa can provide you with a skin analysis and help you discover what products would be beneficial. Our goal is to help you love the skin you’re in and provide you with the information needed to educate yourself on your skin and the products available for you. We welcome you to come by our salon and discover how to help your skin become as healthy and radiant as it can be—and make your routine as simple as possible.

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The Osmosis Beauty Skin Care line we use in our facials are also available to use at home. Photo courtesy of Osmosis Beauty