The Makeover

By Louann Engelmeier

The thought of reinventing ourselves is always intriguing.  What would we want to do or be?  Where would we want to be?  How would we want to look?  Out of all the questions perhaps the easiest one to achieve the quickest would be changing our image.  Of course, it is something we could accomplish with some effort on our own however if you are looking for a dramatic inspiring change some professional assistance would be key.  A total transformation can be yours with a skilled, well-educated stylist and some trust and an adventurous spirit on your part. 

 A makeover has the ability to affect more than just outward appearances.  For me it has changed how I can feel about myself, my attitude toward others, and my outlook on life at any given time.  A total change in how I look has resulted in giving me the extra motivation and confidence I have needed to move towards new goals and achievements.  Fortunately, I have long-term relationship with a stylists who are not only skilled and talented, but have also been relentless in their  pursuit of continuing education in order to provide clients the opportunity to reinvent themselves using the newest techniques and styles.

I recently had been frustrated with my mid-length blonde hair which I had been trying to grow out.  The girls at Zeta Hair and Day Spa sat me down and through a collaborative effort – gave me an edgy textured bob with an undercut providing a huge disconnect from the bottom of my hair to the top.   It gave movement and texture to my thick hair and elongated my neck.  They used Kuene’s red color and added highlights to give dimension.  The placement of the highlights compliments the haircut and layers.   Talk about a game changer for me!  I feel confident and a little sassy—a new attitude has come with my new look.  Because of my relationship with the staff and knowing of the continuing education they go through; I had full confidence in the staff and allowing them to do what they thought would be best for me.

Leah Grant is also a client at Zeta Hair & Day Spa who went through a makeover.  She was invited to be a model at a continuing education class being given at the Salon recently.  Leah very fine hair but a lot of hair so it was “sitting heavy on her face”.  She wanted her hair to have movement.  The instructor, Justin Thomas out of California, took Leah’s grown out neck length bob to an updated bixie which is today’s version of a bob and a pixie featuring shattered ends.  He showed the staff new techniques to lighten up the load in the back and texturize the front.  Leah was super excited about her new style and was also impressed with the quality of education and work the staff does on their own time to improve their skills.

Sharyn Jenson came to the salon tired of her long hair and wanting a change.  Stylist Peggy Green gave her a textured longer pixie as Sharyn did not want to be completely shaved in the back.  Peggy kept it longer by point cutting in a texture that really complimented Sharyn’s face shape and did face framing layers and brought her bangs to the front lightening everything up.  Sharyn’s smile and glow tells you how thrilled she is with her new look.

The team of women who work together at Zeta Hair and Day Spa share the same spirit and goals with their desire to give their clients opportunities to see themselves in a new, exciting, and confident way.  They work together to share their skills and knowledge to assure their clients receive the best service possible. Collectively this group of 10 stylist has well over 125 years of experience and each has had the time to realize what aspect of their profession they enjoy the most and are recognized as specialist in. While they all went through the same type of initial education and training all cosmetologist attend –what is special and unique about this set of stylists is not only their commitment and dedication to honing their skills set but also expanding their knowledge and challenging themselves to do better —to stay on top of new styles, trends, and techniques.  The stylists at Zeta Hair and Day Spa participate in quarterly continuing education classes brought into the salon.  The professionals they bring in to provide the training are well known in their industry and in 2022 have included George Alderete, International Educator for Kuene and Global Ambassador and judge for NAHA, Justin Thomas, celebrity stylist and artistic director for Hattori Hanzo Shears, and Wes Palmer @WesdoesHair out of Houston Texas, Global Creative Artist, and National Educator.

If you are looking to reinvent yourself, get a makeover or just update your current look coming into the new year—I highly recommend taking the time to visit the team of stylist at Zeta Hair and Day Spa.  Lori, Loida, Katie, Sharon Erika, Maria, Peggy, Sara, Courtney, and Lindsey all have the skill and desire to make you the best possible version of yourself in 2023.